KeepUSafe Technology

World’s 1st of its kind technology that uses plant-obtained ingredients and works as a Shied to protect us from cross contamination by deactivating the virus by >99% from its surface in less then 1 minute and stays active for multiple use.

It has been tested on fabrics for up to 40 washes and maintains the virus reduction efficacy of >99%.

This technology is used with fabrics, plastics, papers etc. to make a variety of products.

* Tested as per IS 21702 and AATCC 100-2012. Test reports available on request.

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Industry Segments:

A majority of industries are currently suffering during the pandemic due to the fear of transmission of viruses. Our range of KeepUSafe products can be utilized with its virus reduction technology to improve confidence of workers and users in various segments such as:






Service & IT Industry

Why choose our products?

As the pandemic is growing so are the innovations. Health-care workers, travellers, delivery personnel, police and public are getting infected by contaminated surfaces and clothing. With the economies getting back to normal and work force back to operations it is imperative to provide safety to workers and empower them with products that can help avoid cross contamination. Keep U Safe has also developed products suiting special applications that allow the user perform their functions safely and confidently. Our products have special features such as:

Virus reduction by 99% within 1 minute compared to generic products with no virus reduction

A huge range of product range by keeping safety in mind

Tested on MS2 virus which is believed to be a stronger virus than enveloped viruses

Plant obtained ingredients for virus reduction

Our products

Products & Technology

Our specialized KeepUSafe range of products which can be used by various industries are


The testing has been performed at internationally recognised NABL labs. The company claims above products to be protective wear and not medical devices or guarantee any disease prevention, treatment or cure. These are personal protective equipment with advance virus reduction technology.

Our product line available on various online platforms and soon online shopping will be available on our website